Memoiry helps you stay in tune with your emotions throughout the day. 

Track mood

Create, customize & pick your mood to track & understand your emotional state and improve your mental well-being

Write about your day

Enhance your daily entries with visual context. Add photos to your entries and remember every detail

Charts & Stats

Analyze your moods over time and gain valuable insights and self-reflect on what you did & achieved

Photo gallery

Take a trip down memory lane and relive all your favorite moments by viewing your days through photos

Free Sync

Synced across all your devices via iCloud

Be sure that your data is saved and synced on every device

Keep it safe

The use of iCloud means that only you can access your information. We can't read your records and no one else can either

More Features

The app is under constant improvment with many more exciting features coming soon. Check roadmap for more details